Our Story.

That we want you to be a part of.

About Us

Our vision is to create a chain of the most exclusive overnight locations from the comfort of our luxurious dome. The Overnight Experience of a lifetime. 

The unknown and thrilling sensation of camping in a tent, in a location that gets the blood flowing through the veins throughout the whole night is how we imagine our guests to feel. That's the reason we don't want to say our dome is an accommodation but rather an experience, because if you don't sleep, there's probably a very good reason for it.

Our domes are hosted by local people, businesses and hotels based in unique locations with views that they want to share with the world. Our locations are carefully selected to be unusual, inspiring and nature loving. Combining the natural beauty of the world with our own unique product, we provide an everlasting memory to those who venture off the beaten path to one of our individual set-ups. 

If there's a dome near by, you know you're in the right location.